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Hello everyone!
Reciently I have become disatisified with my 29 gallon tank containing artifical plants. I have had it now for 3 months, and I would like to incorporate live plants. But I'm confused on how to start. I'm not sure how to add the components for a planted tank with my current number of fish (2 gouramis, 2 anglefish, 5 clown loaches, 4 platies, and an algae eater). I could borrow a tank off of a friend for a few days for the initial transfer, but how long would this be required? Also, what wattage would I need to support basic low-light plants? (I also have small amounts of natural light causing an increase in my algae growth so I would assume that this would benefit any plants in my tank) Would I have to supply CO2 or any other suppliments to support the plants? And finally, since I am a poor college student how can I switch to a planted tank on a budget? Thankyou for reading this and any responses would be greatly appreciated!
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