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Well the agencies should not allow any growers and sellers to sell these weeds. Hobbyiost possession is not really the issue, growers that want to sell weeds as ornamentals is the problem.

We sell Hyacinth to Canada from FL, where it's an illegal noxious weed.

People start lawsuits over invasive weed eradication in rivers, these are the environmentalist!!!!

We have few options in controlling these weeds once they get there, herbicides, copper etc are highly regulated and we have to do a lot of work to show we can kill the target weed and not hurt anything else.

I find it ironic that they piss and bemoan about us using the Herbicides yet don't see them complaining about the weeds that are taking over entire ecosystems or going after those responsible. But we do our environmental impact studies and research well so that they are far less inclined to complain or sue us. If they let these weeds go loose, they will ruin many ecosystems, reduce water tables, clogg boating and water ways, contribute to mosquitos, kill fish and lower fish densities, lower dissolved O2 levels etc.

I'm not pro herbicidal, they are a last resort but in many cases this is the only way to get rid of them.
Manual removal is crazy, even on a small pond.

This plant and many others have infested FL and they will never get rid of it there. All they can do is control it some.
We are trying to eradicate ALL Hydrilla here in CA.
We do not want these getting lose here.

I've started to look into using O3 and H2O2 on large scales to rid some of these weeds. I've been a proponent of tarps to blackout the weeds, this works on smaller systems. Killing the weeds all at once can cause a lot of problems also.

Tom Barr
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