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[quote="Justin Fournier"]I have used plenty of Red Sea test kits, P04 always worked great. Fe never worked great..... I wonder if it's operator error? Perhaps the color charts were read wrong or something......

Might have been a bad batch. Thats happens from time to time.

Personally I was FURIOUS when I sent my mom on a trip to the LFS to pick up the ONLY 30" long glass top for 50 miles (I was busy setting up an emergency temp tank for some apple snails) , and it turned out to be 1/8th" window pane glass. Took 2 SECS out of the box for a corner to break. sigh. Learned my lesson!!! Now I dont even LOOK at anything that isnt 1/4".

Disclaimer: I didnt think to ask on the phone the glass thickness. Although (since it was a petco) I doubt the kid on the phone would have known the answer. I should have thought to ask. (Didnt occure to me when I found out that someone ACTULLY had one....pout...I just ASSUMED that it would be well.......of better quality)
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