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I am also working on small, planted 6GAL (25L) planted Nano tank as well. I did some "swapping" and replacing to get things moving in the right direction.

Firstly, I removed the Filter. I do not wish for ANY surface agitation which these Biowheel filters are great for.

Secondly, I removed the filter canopy on the hood completely, exposing the tank. I purchased a JBJ Light 18W PC Clamp Light (PL-CL1-19), removed the "telescopic arms" and clamped it CENTER on my now open part of the Eclipse 6 unit. This gives you 26W of lighting for a 6GAL tank. Which comes up to 4.33WPG! With the arms removed, the CLAMP LIGHT is about 1" from the top of the canopy on the Eclipse.

Now the more "nitty gritty" sort of speak. With lighting no longer being a problem, substrate should be equally pleasant -- I chose Laterite as purchasing a bag of Flourite, Onyx Sand or EcoComplete and would leave PLENTY of left overs. And since I have been warned (rather sternly by my wife) about anymore tanks, I guess the "Milk Carton" Substrate works good for my tank and marriage.

For filtration, I purchased a Fluval 1+ Internal Filter for about $26CAN (which means its really cheap elsewhere in the world except Canada). I am currently "seeding" the filter in my 55GAL community tank to get things ready for inhabitants. Try and limit your bioload and make "FISH" a SECONDARY objective in your tank, and you'll be truly successful. Plants are the primary and are helping with water QC. Always remember this.

Gary A.MacDonald
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