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Default A single HUGE rare auction (aquabid)...or TRADE

SUPER HUGE MEGA GIGANTOR SPLEDIFEROUS Aquabid auction/Trade, that was fun LOL;1096856674

Ok, why so good you say?...well, take a look at the goods that are in it and see if you can come up with better words to describe it!!!!

Ludwigia sp. Cuba: 10 stems
Broad Leaf Stellata: 4 stems
Aromaticoides: 6 stems
Petite nana: 1
Taiwan moss: small clump
Lobelia: 3 (emersed)
Crypt. Wendti Mi Oya:2 (emersed)
Crypt Petchii: 2 (emersed)

Why am I clearing so much? I want to try and grow some new plants so I am basically clearing out a tank and only keeping 2 small stems of each for potential later use.

I do however have a list of crypts and swords that I am trying to get a hold of. IF YOU HAVE ANY THEM and want to work out either a complete TRADE or partial auction credit against your bid, contact me via PM to arrange something PRIOR AND ONLY PRIOR to the auction's end Obviously some trade plants have higher value than others

Echinodorus `Apart´
Echinodorus `Devils Eye´
Echinodorus `Digital Art´
Echinodorus `Gabrielii´
Echinodorus `Harbich´
Echinodorus `Golden Flame´
Echinodorus `Red Flame´
Echinodorus `Lothario´
Echinodorus `Paul Kloecker'
Echinodorus `Python´
Echinodorus `Rainers Felix´
Echinodorus `Rainers Kitty´
Echinodorus `Red Devil´
Echinodorus `Regine Hildebrandt´
Echinodorus `Roter Oktober´
Echinodorus `Spidernet´
OTHER Interesting swords?

Cryptocoryne cordata "Rosnervis"
Cryptocoryne gasserii
Cryptocoryne griffithi
Cryptocoryne hudoroi
Cryptocoryne nurii
Cryptocoryne purpurea
Cryptocoryne scurrilis
Cryptocoryne striolata
Cryptocoryne thwaitesii
Cryptocoryne usteriana
Cryptocoryne willisii
OTHER Interesting crypts?>
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