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Hi all

My setup: Milwaukee ph Controller & JBJ Regulator w/ Solenoid & Bubble Counter setup. Reactor 1000 in the mix.

I calibrated the Milwaukee probe in the solution that came with the kit, Controller read 7.0 with the probe. Hooked unit up to my JBJ controller. The solenoid turned on and injected tank with CO2, then stopped by morning.

How accurate are the set point markings on the Milwaukee controller? For example, on the face of the controller, I see a setpoint for 6.5 and one for 7.5, with two set point markings between those, A little math shows that each marking is an increment of about ,33. So, the markings are as follows: 6.5, 6.83, 7.16, and 7.5. Well, my Milwaukee dial is turned pretty close to the 6.83 mark and yet the LCD says the pH in the tank is 7.1. Shouldn't the pH controller have switched on my solenoid by now? If I turn the dial ever so slightly even lower, this kicks the solenoid into gear, the "alarm" light flashes again on the controller, and CO2 once again starts injecting into the tank.

Just wondering if all is okay with the unit. When set at the 6.83 mark it seems to met the solenoid should be turning on if the LCD is reading 7.1. What level of ph swing ttriggers the controller into gear? .1change ? .2 change? .3 change?

Should I calibrate again? Or are the marking on the controller not accurate?

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