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Originally Posted by Scrimp
Originally Posted by SanDiegoFishes
You should come down to the annual San Diego Tropical Fish Society Auction in November (Second Sunday of the month). This club has a number of hard core aquatic gardeners and some lovely and often very rare plants come up. There was nearly 400 items last year, and anyone can bid and buy (just like COAST).
By the way, I was high bidder for the cuba, it is gorgeous! Thanks for bringing it on Sunday
Best, Barb
When and where is all I ask lol and is there a registration fee? Any shrimp will be up for sale you think like the hard to find (for me anyways) crystal reds or soem christmas moss?
The MEGA FISH AUCTION in San Diego is on November 14th, 6 PM in room 101 of the Casa del Prado in Balboa Park, San Diego (next to the San Diego Zoo) It is free to bid and buy, no registration required. You walk through the door and get a number, which you hold up if you want to bid. Easy! Free to attend, you do not have to be a member of the club. No idea if any shrimp will come through, you just never know what ends up there! Here is the club website The info line is 619-281-FISH and you can also email me for a map with directions, more info, etc at [email protected] I will be posting a notice about this auction closer to the actual date too. This auction is a yearly event, and gets hundreds of items and a room full of people
Best, Barb
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