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I'm sorry Jan, that was a bit cavalier of me, flushing is horrible, I do know better... anyway, I'm not a member of AquaDen so I can't read that link, so what kind of alternative methods are we speaking of?...

In the past, with bigger fish (cichlids/sunfish), I've placed them in the freezer, this was a method recommended to me over the fishgeeks forum... and I guess it would be the other option for the tetras... although I know there are others out there. Initially I was actually planning on feeding these guys to my turtles, allowing some kind of benefit to be gained through their deaths, but if they indeed have TB then I don't want to risk passing it on.

One last question about TB: if indeed this is TB, wouldn't it have spread by now to the other fish in my tank? The Rams and Rasboras do not seem to be at all affected, which it why I thought this was NTD, as they have all been together for at least 6 months.... the tetras I've had for about a year, their tankmates were added later, before these symptoms began to manifest in... hmmm... late october/early november of last year.

Anyway, I'm hoping that by putting down the tetras next week (as I'm planning a massive rescaping of that tank and will be taking everything out) some sort of end will be found to this. Short of UV sterilization (these gadgets are little beyond my buying power at the moment), is there any other route to take precaution-wise?
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