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Originally Posted by kweeheng
Why dont you put the plants you lvoe most straight in the tank instead of using big stem plant and then remove it later? I m a beginner and i tied my moss straight to the wood . So, Excessive lightsmeans more algae and less lights less algae ? or is it the other way round ?
You should pack a tank full of plants when starting out. That allows the plants to "outcompete" the algae. As an added bonus, the faster growing plants will reproduce faster and allow you to either sell them to get more "expensive" plants or give them away to others who are starting up tanks.

The more light you have over a tank the more chances you have to get algae. Light drives the plants uptake of nutrients (CO2, NO3, PO4, etc) so the higher light leaves you less wiggle room on fertilizing. I have found the hardest part of my high ligt tanks is maintainng CO2 levels, even though I have a pressurized system. More light is not always better and I prefer to keep my tanks right around 2wpg or so I have not found many plant that will not grow in this light range though some do grow better with a bit more light.
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