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CO2 regulator and needle valve spoken for. I also got the 1x65 watt fixture.

Still for sale:

2x65 watt fixture $95 shipped, I can swap a 10K bulb if you want
CO2 tank $50 local pickup, $70 shipped
Fluorite Free with local pickup
Assorted plants, PM me what you are looking for
Carbo-Plus $40 shipped
CO2 tubing $10 shipped
In a few days I will have a brand new 10K bulb $20 shipped
36 Watt 50/50 straight pin PC bulb $10 shipped

All prices negotiable

I need 3-4 bags Onyx Sand so PM me if you want to trade that
Also I need a 30 inch glass top

I didn't mean to write driftwood, sorry. It is corrected.

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