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Default Club Bylaws

Hi Everyone,
This could be the first draft of the clubs bylaws. Everyone should suggest changes or additions

Pittsburgh Area Planted Aquarium Society

Article 1 - Name
1. The organization shall be known as the Pittsburgh Area Planted Aquarium Society, hereinafter known as PAPAS.
2. The objective shall be the.

Article 2 – Membership
1. Any person interested in the activities of the PAPAS shall be eligible for membership, and will be subject to the societies by-laws
2. The board may reject any application for membership, with a majority vote.
3.Application for membership in this organization shall be in writing on an official membership form, accompanied by dues, presented to the Treasurer or Membership Coordinator
4. There shall be 4 membership classes as defined below. All four classes shall be entitled to all privileges except as as noted:
a) Regular Member – Any person 17 years of age and over.
b) Junior Member – Any person up to 16 years of age inclusive. Junior members may not serve on the board.
c) Family Membership – Shall include spouses and all children living in the same residence. Any members under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
d) Lifetime Member –
5. A non-member (visitor) may attend a maximum of two (2) meetings before applying for membership. Upon payment of dues a member is eligible to participate in all PAPAS activities.

Article 3 – Organization
1. The society shall have the following officers:
a) President, b) Vice-President, c) Secretary, d) Treasurer , e) Webmaster
b) Members of the executive may hold more than one position.
2. The officers constitute an Executive Board, which shall manage and
direct the affairs of the society.
3. Other officers may be added as deemed necessary.
4. The above officers shall have such duties as are customary to their offices or may be
assigned in our by-laws.
5. Officers will be elected or appointed for a term of one (1) year
6. Board members shall keep an accurate record of their acts and proceedings, and report to the society at any annual business meetings, or on demand.
7. The President shall have the power to fill any vacancies which may occur until the next election.
8. Any action of the Board may be reviewed by the members at the regular meeting. All actions shall be deemed valid actions unless disapproved at this time.
9. In case of absence and/or resignation, the order of succession to the Presidency shall be b) Vice-President c) Secretary d) Treasurer
10. Any board member of PAPAS, if found unsatisfactory in their position or actions deemed detrimental to PAPAS may be relieved of their duties, after a formal complaint has been presented at a general meeting and by a two-thirds vote of those in attendance.

Article 4 – Meetings
1. PAPAS shall hold monthly meetings at such time and place as shall be arranged by the board. Regular meetings shall be open to the public.
2. Any board meetings shall be held at such time and place as deemed by the president.
3. The board shall hold regular monthly meetings.
4. Sixty percent (60%) of all board members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Article 5 – Dues
1. All members shall be required to pay dues.
2. Dues shall be as follows: Regular member $12.00 per year, Family Member $12.00 per year, Junior Member $12.00 per year.
2. All dues are payable upon joining and renewable one calendar year after that.

Article 6 – Newsletter
1. PAPAS shall publish a monthly newsletter known as

Article 7 – Amendments
1. To amend or repeal these bylaws, the proposed amendment shall be read at a regular meeting and voted on at that time.
3. The affirmative vote of the majority of all members in good standing shall be required for the adoption of an amendment to these bylaws.

Article 8 – Fiscal year
1. The fiscal year of the society shall be from January 1st to Decenber 31st.

Article 9 – Election of officers
1. At the regular meeting in December nominations will be taken and a vote of the members present will determine the new officers.
2. Those elected to the various offices shall assume those duties and any records from the outgoing person before the following January meeting.

Article 10 – Finances
1. In addition to membership dues, any other proper means of fund raising may be used.
2. Auctions will be held at each monthly meeting.
3. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate and adequate record of all receipts and expenditures and shall be prepared to report on the state of finances at all times. He/she shall preserve all records of finances.
4. The books of the Treasurer shall be audited as deemed necessary by the president.
5. It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to prepare monthly and yearly financial reports and to submit them to the board and membership at appropriate times.

Article 11 – Duties of Officers

The President shall preside at all meetings

Vice President
The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his absence and shall assist in the duties of the President at his direction.
It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to inscribe the proceedings of all meetings and to be prepared to read the specified records when requested. The office requires the maintenance of Club records, except those designated to other officers. When the President and Vice President are absent in any meeting, the Secretary shall preside. The Secretary shall also be responsible for maintaining copies of all correspondence as directed by the Board.
The Treasurer shall keep in order financial records and/or books, tender by check recognized expenses incurred by the Club, and co-sign checks with the President, or one other Board member designated by the Board. The Treasurer is required to present immediately prior to the end of the fiscal year, all financial records to the person specified by the Board of Directors for audit and shall include a written statement of the financial condition of the Club. The Treasurer shall also present a monthly financial report to the Board of Directors and anytime at the request of the President.

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