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Originally Posted by Bert H
Edward, help me understand here. Are you saying that in your opinion/experience the actual pH is not important (as long as it doesn't drop below 5), but stability is the important factor? A bubble rate of approx 1 per second in your 50 gives you a pH of 5 and fish and plants are happy?
Sure the pH can go bellow 5 that is not a problem. I am saying that the pH due to CO2 will stop at around 5.
I had a group of 8 Tetras in pH of 3.7 for 3 years. Peat addition with CO2 pushed the pH that low. They multiplied to 20 fish on their own. I still have them today in the same aquarium. Very healthy fish.

People think when fish die due to pH rapid change from 8 to 5 that the reason is the 5. This assumption is wrong. If the pH changes from 5 to 8 the fish will also die. The rate of change is the reason, not the actual pH.

I no longer test for pH because it is irrelevant. The fish donít care.

Thank you
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