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Article 1, point 2 should be our mission statement.

Article 2: Currently we just have a single membership class, the family membership. I don't see a need to add additional types at this time.

Article 3: I would drop Webmaster as an officer position. It should be an appointed position.

Article 3, point 10: I would replace "at a general meeting" with "at a regular meeting".

Article 5, point 2 should be: "All dues are payable upon joining and renewable in Janurary.". That makes tracking dues easier.
Add point 3: "When someone becomes a member part way through the fisical year their dues will be prorated rounded up to the nearest dollar."

Article 6 Newsletter: While I don't want to publish a newsletter, I plan on putting a monthly feature on the web site. However, I don't see a need to require this in the bylaws.

Article 7, point 1: "...shall be read at a regular meeting and voted on at that time." Should be changed to ""...shall be read at a regular meeting and voted on at the following meeting.". This allows time for discussion and thinking about the proposed change.

Article 9, point1: To give more time for nominations I suggest changing this to: "At the regular meeting in November nominations will be taken for officers. At the December additional nominations may be made. At the December meeting a vote of the members present will determine the new officers.

Article 11 Vice President: I would rephrase this as: "In the absence of the President the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President and shall assist in the duties of the President at his direction.

That's all for now.

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