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Hi everyone,

I am trying to edit my original post of the bylaws to make suggested changes. I will check with an administrator to see why I cant. In the meantime I disagree with a couple of Bills suggestions.
1. In reference to Article 7, Point 1 - I believe most amendments will be simple and not need much discussion. If more time is needed, the President can delay the decision for one month.
2. In reference to Article 9, Point 1 - Anyone interested will know nominations will take place in December. I think an additional point should be added reading: "Election votes for contested offices shall be by secret ballot during the business portion of the regular meeting."

In order to speed the process of approving bylaws, I believe a printed copy of the above bylaws should be passed out at the next meeting to all members. At the following meeting, members should bring any suggested changes and these changes will be voted on at that time. The bylaws should be approved at that time. Any further changes can be voted on as they occur.

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