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Default Forum question

Hey, just wondering about this rule:

7. Pricing and terms, including shipping method, should be clearly spelled out. Any pricing in non-US currency should be labeled as to the type.

I've seen a couple threads in the past that would just ask the buyer to pm the seller with the price he has in mind, and generally that seems to be acceptable. I've dealed with a plant I wanted in this manner and was actually happy with the result. However, I approached the person first, not through the For Sale forum. Doesn't the buyer, however, end up on the short end of these type of deals if they're posted here? I'm sure that's why Rule 7 was listed. The question of unfairness is of course subjective because you have to take into account how badly the buyer wants it, and the availability of the product that is being sold. Just want to know because to me personally it seems shady. But again, I want to stress that there are always people that would be willing to buy at a higher-than-normal price to get what they want, which is just capitalism at work.

Just want a yes or no question from a moderator, and also for all future sellers to be aware of the answer.
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