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well, to continue on the off topicness...we threw in some ghost shrimp in my mom's old tank which had angles, knowing they'd most likely be a yummy treat for them and they soon vanished, only to periodically re-appear and then disappear again. The tank was only moderatly planted too. I have ghost shrimp in my 29g community with yoyo loaches, cories, tetras, and dwarf gouramis (formerly powder blue, now honey) and they do fine. Alone in a tank, I've had ghosts breed and usually I'll get between 3-6 who make it to adulthood from each batch, but it's not really worthwhile to breed them, since you can get them 10 or 12 for $1... and they are useless algea eaters. If you really want to try shrimp in your community tank, I've heard it's a good idea to set up a shrimp tank and then just move the adults over to the community tank and don't expect the babies to make it, although there are always the few that surprise you! =)

As for the redness a few of my ghosts have red spots on their tails or antenas, but never actually turned red all over...

I hope that's at least a bit helpful!
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