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Good advise John, There is another item on the scene now that I want to test out for aquarium use, I came across it building my new house. I wired the house on a homeowner permit (Dads a retired electrician) and our state inspectors seemed to think homeowner permits are there for their entertainment. we had two different inspectors correcting each others corrections, it was rather annoying at the time but its kinda humorous now. anyway back on topic. they made me install Arc Fault Circiut Breakers. these can supposedly sense a loose connection that is having a minor arc. after reading about the coralife powercenter fires and other fires started at aquarium locations, I started thinking that these ACFI's supposedly should be able to detect the minor arc in the plug strip if it gets wet. I have had a couple over the years start to sizzle fortunately I caught them before they ignited. so if someone out there has a powerstrip that is sizzling from water or saltwater damage, don't throw it away send it my way and I will try to duplicate the sizzle and test to see if the ACFI can catch it.

These things are about $45.00 each (I had to put in 4). I will split the shipping as I think this could save some damage in the future.

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