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Default 10 Gallon Lighting Rules

Okay, first off, I should preface this with an apology if I am breaking forum etiquette of repeating a topic- however I have searched and searched on this and never found a concrete answer (if there even is one!), and I want some firsthand advice from the real experts- fellow enthusiasts.

Every time you read about lighting a tank- you find the WPG rule, then a little note about how a 10 gallon tank does not apply to this. However, I have never found anything about what those of us with 10 gallons should do!

I have read that when lighting a 10 gallon, you should worry about the spectrum and intensity, rather then the watts.

I have a 10 gallon, CO2 injection, EC substrate. For lighting, I have two 15 watt standard florescent lights on top. Am I providing adequate light? Plants include Ludwigia Repens, Anubias (unknown type), Blyxa Japonica, & sagittaria subulata. Should I switch to a single with screw in CF? I know there are many variables involved, so hopefully we can get to some guidelines that will benefit everyone.
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