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I bought the cylinder and regulator from a guy in Taiwan. The company that made the cylinder and regulator is called UP. As you can see the regulator is very simple. The regulator does not have gauges. The cylinder is 12oz. It's a paintball size cylinder. On the neck of the cylinder are these numbers and writings: CO2 1800PSI 12oz PVAROC 02-05 A7: 00612. I really like the cylinder and regulator. I went to a paintball shop and they were unable to fill the cylinder because the valve is a little bigger than the standard valve on a paintball cylinder. I went to a local oxygen/co2 shop and they also were unable to fill the tank. Again, they told me that the valve on the cylinder is a little too big and the threading on the valve is not the same as the standard USA CGA-320 valve. So what do I do? The only solution is to have an adapter made? Where can I get an adapter made? Do I go to a local welding shop and ask them about it? Any welding shop? Thank YOu
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