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My name is Sean and I have been dabbling with aquariums for about 6 or 7 years. I tired to have one when I was younger, but as we all know they can get costly fast, so without an income, once the fish died, I was done.

I moved to Ohio in 97, found Aquarium Adventure in Columbus shortly there after. After being amazed by their large planted tank I decided I wanted to have something like that one day. After trying to keep plants in a 10 gallon, and then again in a 37 gallon, I got on the Internet to find out what I had been doing wrong. Turns out, I had been spending to much money at AA Thanks to Matt and others here, I learned the beauty of Dry Ferts and cheap plants. But thats all that was cheap.

I currently have 5 tanks. The original 10 and 37 gallon tanks now have nice plants in them, as well as a 20, 20L and my 75 which is the only tank with co2. Thanks to Jim, not only do I have a plant problem, I also have a discus issue. I still have not found a cream to clear these up.

In addition to fish I also like cars, hence the screen name. For 4 years I ran an on line parts business. After starting a full time job while still in college, I decided I needed to spend more time on school work and dissolved the business. I also sold the Camry and purchased a MINI. So much more fun.
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