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Hey everyone, I decided to introduce myself too! You may have seen me hanging around, but I'm one of the newer members of SWOAPE and planted tanks in general.

I'm a 17 year old High School student and I've been into aquariums for about a year now. Although I spent about 3 months trying to do a fishless cycle with plants. The bulb that was recommended by the LFS for plants was 21,000K I believe. It was something outside the usable spectrum of plants. Not to mention I was at something like 0.9 wpg. So my 20 gallon was dormant, and I consistantly tested water and put in huge amounts of ammonia hoping to make progress. Unfourtantly, the tank was rather old so it ended up springing a leak, putting an end to to my planted tank happiness until last December (there was lots of reading and hanging out on aquatic plant boards until then!)

Finally in December I setup my 1st planted tank...with vals and anacharis, and blue gravel with eco complete on the bottom! Unfourtantly, a massive hair algae attack forced me to upgrade. During the upgrade, the clown puke gravel was replaced, and the filter was changed from a Penguin to an Eheim 2213...killer canister filter

Just last Friday, I drained the tank again and replaced everything with 100% eco-complete, and finally fired up CO2 injection. At this point, I think I've replaced everything in my tank that could possibly have been wrong and holding me tank. I don't think I have 1 original component from my first setup besides the tank thermometer.

Planted aquaria is really a hobby that I enjoy quite a bit. It just seems like such an odd hobby, but I really enjoy it. Friends look at me really strangely when there's a CO2 tank sitting in my room too, although I think the jubilant celebrations at the arrival of my KNO3, or considering taking my CO2 regulator as a prime date might've franky disturbed a few people.

Right now plants still look rather...depressing, and I'm looking to see if I can find some more cool ones online right now. I finally have my dosing regime up, and right now I'm tinkering with the bubble count on the CO2, trying to get the CO2 right. I graduate early from High School in January (have to decide what I want to do with my life too I was thinking about being a high school science teacher, but that almost requires a vow of poverty), so I'm a bit busy with school - hopefully I'll be able to attend a meeting eventually!
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