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Hello all,
My name is Jim. Married with a 5 year old child. I had fish tanks as a child ever since I can remember until I was about 18. Got out of them for awhile and finally got a 29 gallon from Jack's about 3 years ago. Threw in some mixed africans. You know the ones, "Anything in that tank will go together well". Nope. From there I just exploded with MTS.

Found Swoape or the beginnings of, in April of '05. Started planting tanks. Started off not wanting co2, then DIY co2, then pressurized co2. Damn you Matt. I think I enjoy the journey more than the destination. I am in a state of constant "What do I want now?" I have had a discus addiction (bad) and now am seeking to put together a beautiful planted african cichlid tank.

I love football (WHO DEY), NASCAR 8, fish, reptiles and hanging with my son. In my spare time, I decorate cakes. I am a baker in a restaurant in West Chester. I aspire to be professional pastry chef. I make a little extra money doing birthday, wedding, shower, etc. cakes.

I can haul a full 4' x 8' sheet of plywood and Matt cannot. I love to sit and talk plants and fish for hours if I could. Anyway, I guess that is about it.

Oh, and did I mention
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