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HI all,

my name is Allen.I had a few tanks when i was a kid growing up on the farm.Kept just about everything I could find from the creeks and streams.frogs,fish,crawfish and turtles.

Around 15 years ago I had 2 tanks.A 50g with a 15"silver arawona,15"clown knife and a 6"clown loach.A 29g with jack dempseys that breed.sold the fish a few years later and gave away the tanks.a month ago I got back the 50g.

So now I have the 50g and a 110g oceanic to setup.A 60g planted with 3.2wpg and co2.A 10g that started as an invert tank but is now planted and has tiger barb fry in it.

Last year when I setup a planted tank I didn't have a clue.And all the algae proved it.I've learned alot from everyone at SWOAPE about planted tanks.Been algae free for months now.

My other interest are nascar,fishing,camping,hunting,shooting and reloading.

Hope to see everyone at the next meeting.

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