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Default UkeDude (Roger) Introduction

Greetings! I'm Roger (ukedude), and I live in the Eastgate area of Cincinnati. I am setting up a 29g tank to be heavily planted for the first time. I have had a 20g and this 29g with fish and a few easy plants for several years. In my recent move to another house, I had to tear down the 29g.

My daughter and I are now working on setting up the 29g together. Our objective is a beautiful planted tank with reasonable (for planted tanks, that is) maintenance.

Having read in many places that the best sources for plants are other local hobbyists, I started searching and quickly found SWOAPE.

I have spent a great deal of time (2 months) researching, buying, and installing all the requisite upgrades to the tank. Here is my current setup:
  • 29g tank
  • XP2 filter
  • In-line 200W heater on filter return
  • 5lb CO2 bottle
  • regulator
  • Homemade 2" PVC CO2 reactor inline with return (after heater)
    • I'm not so sure it works all that great in my tests
  • CurrentUSA CF light 1x65W

I have also decided to use PPS for fertilizing (please see my PPS log in the PPS Analysis forum) and have all the dry checmicals for solutions via and Wal-Mart (K2SO4). I also have complete set of needed Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kits and assorted plasticware for dosing.

The only thing I lack now is plants!.

I am hoping that fellow SWOAPE members can assist me in obtaining a solid set of startup plants with which to kick off this new tank. Since I have nothing to offer in trade (yet!), I am happy to contribute in whatever ways would be of value to the group.

My daughter is very excited to get this tank planted. I have tried to take away the complexity and cost from her so she can enjoy the plants.

I understand there is a SWOAPE meeting in October, but I don't know if my family commitments will allow me to attend (4 kids!), and I'd really like to get started right away. If there is any to work with members to find sources for plants, I would be very grateful for any assistance.

I would most appreciate the help of one or more persons who can accumulate sufficient plant stock for a 29g, then help me make the transfer at once, rather than little-by-little. I understand one of the most important beginner gotcha's is too little plant mass.

Thanks for reading
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