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Well that online source really paid off, so to speak. I ordered the 450ml of 25% biological grade gluteraldehyde on Friday around 4:30. It cam today, Wednesday, before noon. The total with shipping was 21.95, so about $6 shipping. That will equal 4.5 liters of 2.5% solution, at $4.88 a liter. If I dose 7ml a day this will last me almost 2 years Not bad.

Thanks for pointing out this source!!!!

Since I have riccia as a major part of my scape, I think I will start around .1mg/l and see what the results are like. For my application, my 29 gallon aquarium (actually 25 gallons) is equal to 94.5L. Making a 2.5% solution by adding 10ml 25% gluteraldehyde to 90ml H20 and dosing 5ml of that solution will give me .13mg/l in my tank. This is convenient since I have a used 100ml Flourish Excel bottle laying around. Also useful since I can do a half dose to my 15 gallon for the same concentration.

I'll post when I am able to see results, either good or bad.
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