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Originally Posted by davis.1841 View Post
DUDE That is incredible!!!!! I don’t think I've been this impressed with a scape in a long time!!! It’s such a clean layout but you still managed to pack tons of variety without looking crowded or overwhelming... I love how it makes you take a look at it even longer to take in all the subtleties!!! Amazing!!

could you give a few particulars about your setup, lighting, ferts, water chem... nothing to crazy just general details. Looks great!!!

I am blown away by the positive response to this tank. I truly appreciate it.

Here is some info on the tank...
75 Gallon
KH: 10
GH: 12
CO2: 35-45ppm

Maintain 10-20ppm of NO3, 1-2ppm of PO4, 15-30ppm of K, and dose 5m of TMG daily.

Flourite and Sand

4x55 Power Compact(2x6700k - 2x9325k) On a timer for 7 hours a day.

Will you have to do a total teardown for the move?
Yes, but i dont mind at all. I wish I had just a few more months to move this tank to maturity, but I really do enjoy creating new ideas every 6 months or so.

Jason, it really does look great. Your dedication to the hobby and the learning process is enviable. I'm looking forward to seeing your skills evolve in your new place.
That is very kind Erin....usually you just give me digs I really appreciate it.

Really digging the look bro, plants look healthy like no other. Keep it up, you are a great plant grower!
Thanks John!

excellent, what is that purple plant on the left?
Thanks!! The plant is Ludwigia glandulosa

Thanks to the rest of you for the great compliments.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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