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Default Needed Moss and ricca

Well, I am back, I have my Endlers healthy again and hopefully will be selling them again soon. I have another back surgery coming up. OK, I wanted to see if anyone had some extra java moss and ricca ? miss-spelled? I have fry that I am losing because, I don't care what they say, Endlers do eat the fry. I need some at a reasonable price with shipping. Please let me know. I really appreicate any help. I have four tanks now of Endlers and am setting up another. I need to make some money to help with the bills. I am praying that i get my SSI soon but you know how they are. Thanks all, JO Ann
ps. If anyone is interested , in about a month I will have some Albino bristlenose plecos, I breed them myself. This is a frist for me and I am taking very good care of them. I will sell them or maybe trade.
i have about 25 babies now... My first fry that was not a livebearer.
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