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Default Hello All

Howdy folks.

Well, I'm a science teacher in Long Beach, and I'm setting up my first(sort of) plant tank.

My fishy resume.....

Hahaha. I spent 2 years in high school working in the Petsmart Fish department. When I was working there I tried one plant tank, but was surprised when all of the Tetra soil that I bought washed away. lmao. (don't worry...super employee discount).

So now I have come around full circle, and decided to set up a 50g plant tank in my science classroom. Needless to say, this will have to be as DIY and budget friendly as possible. Anyone have any plant clippings/plants they want to donate to the youth of Long Beach? =)

So I've had a great time researching my new set up, and can't wait for the first Scape RL meating.

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