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Your most recent tank picture looks like a closeup of a lush ancient forest. The 2 islands on the either side look like steep hills with lush green bushes and trees. The driftwood makes me think of the huge ancient treant tree's from "lord of the rings" towereing over the rest of the forest. Like hideki said I see myself inside your tank walking through the meadow of "HC" toward the sunshine. You use of different shades of plants really make the "hills" define. Most of your lines are very smooth and blend together, there are some plants stand out more then others. The background really adds to the composition of your tank. I like the various shades of green, I believe a bit more redish plants would make a nice contrast. You filled most of the space with a good selection of plants, and your tank benefeits from the space that you did leave. Your tank is fairly new and your growth is very nice, obvioisly more growth is still to come, and will benefeit from that. Keeping some empty space when you trim, I think will improve what you allready have. That is a very nice tank.

Ps. I hope this translates properly
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