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Your title does make me feel like I'm looking at a forest floor. Large blades of grass growing next to a moss covered stump. The various shades of thickness and color of the grasses actually create a sense of depth. Without the use of red plants, your choice of red finned fish adds to the contrast. The Egeria Densa does look a little funny, but I think you were going for a "pine tree" effect here. They do sort of look like a thicket of pine trees, that would go with the theme, like the title suggests. They still seem a little distracting though. perhaps a jaged rock behind those egeria's might look like a mountain range? and would pull them back, creating more sence of depth. Perhaps textured slate, this would serve to look like a mountain but, wouldnt take up as much room as a regular rock. I know I shouldn't try and tell you what to do but I think it serves a purpose here, you don't have to take my opinion.

Overall the varrying shades of green make a great sense of depth. The title is very well executed with the plant choices.

PS I'm not sure if you did it on purpose. But I believe the title should be "Edge of The forest. I see that your native language is not english? I'm sorry to correct your grammer, I just wanted to point that out. If you did this on purpose just ignore me
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