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Hey I'm aquaphish and have been lurking in this SCAPE for several months and would really like to join into a local planted tank group.

Maybe I have met a person or two in San Fransisco this past weekend at the AGA Convention but really don't know. BTW it was pretty good for the first time attending one of the AGA Conventions. Many thanks to all that make such a large and well done convention happen. Lots of work and dedication!!!

But back to the local scene. It seems that you are trying to make a date that everyone can attend. That is all but impossible. Even though I have not yet signed up for membership, something I would like to do, I would like to give a little imput about meetings.

First of all you will have more success if you make a "monthly meeting date" and not try to find a date that the most can attend. Make it something like the first second or even the last Saturday, Sunday or which ever day is agreed upon. Make it permenent and not just when people find convient for who ever. This will give all time to plan and schedule around the day decided upon.

This appointed day will also give the newbies like me and future ones to know when the group will be meeting. As well as the older members.

If the meeting only gets 2 or 3 members together well the meeting was a sucsess. The meeting was 2 or 3 members. And hopefully the next month meeting will bring about more members. There was a speaker at the AGA Convention that mentioned that when they started out their club, and I believe it was a member of the SFBAAPS. The first meeting was with only 2 or 3 but the club still kept meeting on the designated day. Now look at what has developed.

When ever the next meeting is I would like to meet others in the area. I have some things I will take for a cheap sale/trade. Not plants this time I am just restarting my 40 gal and am in need of a few more plants. But I do have a few pieces of driftwood and a bag of Flourite as well as a Dwarf Puffer in need of a tank with lots of snails. Will give the Puffer to someone that will do the same once the cute little fish cleans up their tank. It was given to me from someone in Irvine. And will do the same as long as it is given to someone else and not sold. Maybe keep it for a Club snail infestation cleaner. It does not nip fins as long it has snails to eat.

PM me if someone is in need of it this weekend. And point me to where I can join SCAPE.
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