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Originally Posted by epicfish View Post
This is the official and private SCAPE site and forums: Southern California Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts

SCAPE is just in it's early stages and not everyone has met each other, we're trying to organize "regional" SCAPE meetings to have maximal attendance.

Also, right now, SCAPE members who are in college are starting/will start midterms, and other people are quite busy. We haven't gotten together yet to decide on a set date for future meetings, but we'll do that once the club becomes a little more established.

How big are the pieces of driftwood that you have? I'd be interested if they're small enough for a 10 gallon as well as some Flourite. I have a ton of snails and could use a dwarf puffer, but I'm cutting back on feeding, so we'll see how that goes before I introduce a new fish and risk stressing it out. =)
The driftwood is pretty large but some might be small enough for a 10 gal.

I have a 5 gal bucket of 50% Flourite and gravel. I had this in my 40 gal and it is still good. I just decided to change everything when I needed to take down the aquarium. The 5 gal bucket you can have for just a few stems. But I also have a Full New bag of Flourite also. I really have no use for it right now and will let go for $15.00 and some plant stems. That is a real deal since it cost 24 bucks at Strictly Fish. The price sticker is still on the bag.

The Puffer is up for who ever wants it. I don't have anymore snails in my 8 gal or 40 gal.
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