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Ok, here are some pictures to give ya'll some idea of the layout and the plants so far. The fish are hiding in the plants--which actually are very good at disguising them, which I imagine is partially because in the wild they'd have hidden in these types of plantsl.

Here are two shots of the tank straight on:

Here is the "east side":

It is hard to see the other angle, because there is a house plant on that side and a table. Here is the occupant of this half--by the time I got around to taking pictures of this tank he was tired of posing, and just wanted to hide. His name is Mao and he isn't normally shy.

I know for the true biotope it should be a wild type betta, but this guy is just right for me.

Here is the "west side":

The cave is a nice hideout for the shy Che, who hides in the plants or around hhis cave.

I'm not happy with the plant arrangements or the rocks, but it is a nice start I think. The wood I think works for the biotope and the fish like it. When I get my new plants I'll post more pics!
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