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Default Update on Luis' tank

In September 2004 as a special presentation for our club Luis Navarro came to Dallas and set up a tank demonstrating the use of layered substrate, wood, and plant placement.

Most of us have seen this link to the workshop. Today, Dec 16 I took new pictures of the tank - 1, 2.

I asked Luis to suggest whatever improvements he finds appropriate before uploading pictures of his tank to his web site so expect another update soon.

Some history of the tank development - after the meeting I was pretty good in maintaining the tank, but on the second month I stopped the water changes and let the water evaporate to about 1/2 the tank volume. Staghorn algae as well as bba developed quickly and took about 1/3 of the water volume. In that state the tank existed for almost 2 months.

The tank quickly changed to its current clean but somewhat wild state after I:
- manually cleaned the algae
- added a powerful canister filter
- added about 30 cherry red shrimp (now about 100 -150 since these shrimp multiply quickly)
- fertilized daily using Edward's mix of fertilizers
- did regular weekly water changes.

I find it quite amazing to have 4.4 wpg of light over that tank and to not have the anubias covered with spot algae. The distance between the light bulbs and the anubias leaves is about 3 inches.

Hope you enjoyed the workshop and the update on the tank!

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