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I have long-fin rams in gold and blue. They are much more agressive then I thought they'd be. It is a risk to have more then one male in a tank. They do get along just fine with tank mates, just not other rams. Mine love plants, and don't uproot them at all. In fact this morning I came out and saw one of my rams sleeping in a little cave under a bunch of plants--he's so cute.

There are bolivian rams and then the various morphs of blue rams (which includes gold rams). The Bolivians are more hearty, but less colorful. A lot of blues come from asia, which means they are less hearty. I got mine from a local fish acution.

Blue rams are easier to sex then bolivians. Generally females get a pink tummy, and have a shorter bottom fin. Males tend to have more blue on them, and have longer bottom fins.

Here is a male ram:

Here is a female gold ram:

I'll see if I have more pictures I can post or take of my rams.
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