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There is a good breeder here in Phoenix, George Garcia.
Typically you get them very young, unsexed.
You should get at least 6 that way you will get some sex variation.
You can expect to pay around $6 per fish from him plus actual shipping charges.
If this interests, PM me and I can get you in contact with him.
He also sells off of Aquabid and e-bay under DiscusGeorge
I have many of his fish, no problems other then usual pecking order with several males, just don't have more males then females.
they will pair up and breed, but In my experience, I can't get them to hatch in the hard water. I am getting ready to put a pair into softer water to try to get some fry.
These guys are my favorite fish, very fun to watch, they get brave and will come up to your hands for food.
No problems with plants
Keep in mind, you need water above 80 degrees, of they will just dye off one by one.
frequent water changes are a must as well.
Hope this helps

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