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I am pretty much a beginer (advanced beginner) and have chosen Rams as my main species. I have done extensive reading, and have a local breeder who has helped me out, but the main things you need to do to be succesful with Rams is A) Frequent water changes, even when your paramaters are good, you still need to do at least 1 water change of 30% or greater every week, two to three would be better, I do 2. B) higher water temp. I keep my tanks around 82 to 83 degrees, this limits my plant choices, but these fish are much like Discus, only they can tolerate a little cooler temps then discus. At first they will survive cooler temps, 78 - 79 for a few weeks, and you will think they are doing fine, but they will then begin to slowly die off.
If you have cooler water plants, don't buy rams, If you have a planted discus tank, get some rams, they should do fine together providing there is enough room.
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