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Sorry for any confusion with navigation of the site, etc. I really wanted to get it up ASAP so folks could start having a look and getting a feel for pricing. I have tried to go rock-bottom margins on the Substrate System as to initially make it more accessable to everyone because I feel it is so unique and so exceptional that it could really increase the overall U.S. presence in the hobby. Not to mention it will work perfectly with any equipment/installation- not just with ADA stuff. If there's one thing that we can use here it's the substrate! So I 'd like to not necessarily make a bunch of money on it at first, and help get it in to the country as more of a standard.

Yes, I would love to do an article on substrate applications/usage and will begin working on it immediately. I will post it no later than Monday. Excellent idea and thank you very much for the suggestion. I would also add that 2 tanks I set up one week ago today- one full ADA (90cm here at ADG) and one with only ADA substrate, no other ADA products- have exhibited some of the fastest stabilization and growth of any tank I have done before. The tanks are both emanating a feeling of good well-being also. I know that may sound a little "hokie" or subjective, but there is something genuine about this substrate and its ultimate affect on the aquarium as a whole that is really different than anything I have used before. PLease keep any questions/inquiries coming.
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