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Default Proper Wattage for Aquariums

Since the watts per gallon rule seems be somewhat inaccurate in today's market of Compact Fluorescent (CF) Lighting, T5HO bulbs, Metal Halides, etc. Can we devise another way to tabulate the minimal threshold of lighting for a planted aquarium with the capabilities to grow most stem, keep a foreground of Glossostigma elatinoides low, and meet the demands of other light requiring plants?

Maybe it would be easier to say from experience what it takes to grow most light requiring stem plants, and then devise a general average for each type of tank. Assuming photo period is 8-10 hours, regular fertilization and CO2 supplementation. Below is what I gather.

Let's come up with a general guideline through calculation and/or observation experience.
Please list you tank's minimal lighting threshold to meet the needs of most stem and light require plants.

- John N.

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