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Default Fish food and Copper sulfate

I agree with trenac in that a perfect fish would need a variety of form of food available to them: live, flake, pellet, frozen, freeze-dried, wafer, whatever. Variety is good.

I agree with Aaron on the quality of Spectrum. That's some good stuff, but it does contain copper...

Originally Posted by dyckster View Post

Why is there copper in any fish food? It's not there on purpose is it?
Copper sulfate is an all-purpose fish and tank treatment and fish preventative. It functions as an algae-cide, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and fights protozoa and other parasites. Its added to fish foods as a commonality for its many uses. However, it is toxic to shrimp, so its vital to check those labels. One feeding isn't going to kill them, but read the labels...
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