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Default PetSmart -- good LFS?

I visited the Grove City (SW Columbus) PetSmart today to get a nitrite test kit refill and saw their fish. They had cardinals and neons and they looked healthy.

I asked when they came in and some of them had come in recently. However, I was also told that the store chain gets fish from their suppliers shipped to their regional warehouses. Then they are held there for about 2 weeks before they are brought to the store. So the fish have gone through the most stressful part of getting them into the store, and losses are incurred more at the warehouse level than at the store.

The person who told me this said that he used to work at another large chain pet store and that they had large initial losses with neons and other fish. He said that they have much fewer losses at PetSmart than at the previous place he worked at.

Another nice thing about PetSmart in Grove CIty and other Columbus area stores is that the Columbus area warehouse is in Gahanna (NW Columbus), so the amount of time in transit from the warehouse to the store is very short.

The guarantee is good, too, unlike some other pet stores or LFS. You have 14 days, and it doesn't matter if the fish are bought on sale.

The neons are on sale $1 each. The cardinals were almost $4, so I passed on them for now but will probably get some later this year, maybe in the spring.

I thought I'd mention what I learned today since it is unlike most LFS and pet shops. It should make a difference in the initial losses I'll see, but that remains to be seen.

This doesn't mean that they will be the same as a private breeder, but it sets them apart from other stores I've been at.

Does anyone know how Jack's Aquarium handles the shipping of their fish? Are they kept for a couple weeks in a warehouse before being shipped to the stores, or do they get shipments direct from suppliers?

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