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Default Matt's Shrimp Rack

I started on my "Shrimp rack" back in late November by plumbing in a dual sink to my basement storage area (in the far right side of the pic). Just past the sink is a 44g Rubbermaid container for RO/DI water storage.

I then spent a Sunday afternoon/evening building the rack and getting it setup in it's current location. The Rack holds twelve 10g tanks, is 97" long and about 14" deep. The actual shelves are 11" deep. Nothing fancy as far as the construction is concerned, 2x4's and some MDF shelving from Lowes. With the help of duchessren (Renee), I managed to get it primed and painted on one evening. She was also a big help in getting the lights mounted.

Since all of my planted tanks get fertilized heavily, Renee also brought me some water from a couple of her tanks to get me off to a decent start. Between her water and my RO water the shrimp seem to be adjusting well.

The bottom four tanks on the rack (tanks 8-12) are Renee's. I offered to "rent" her some space on the rack while she works on the logistics for her move to Cleveland in return for the help ing getting the rack set up and some future babysitting. I have 4 more tanks available (once Renee vacates the space) but I do not have the shrimp for them, at least yet. Hopefully these will be for some better grade CRS once I get mine breeding well.

Anyways, for those who couldn't make the meeting here is a pic of my Shrimp Rack. It's not the greatest quality pic but it is the best I can do at least for now...I will edit or add another pic or two later when I get a chance to take some more.


All in all, this has taken me about 2 months (and countless trips to Lowes/Home Depot) to get the rack in this condition. I still have to finish up the waste water plumbing for the rack and get a few tanks planted/filled with shrimp.

Starting from the top left, here are the current contents of the tanks:

My Tanks:
Tank 1 - Crystal Red Shrimp
Tank 2 - Snowball Shrimp
Tank 3 - Cherry Red Shrimp (empty, but will soon be planted and filled)
Tank 4 - Tiger Shrimp
Tank 5 - Empty, reserved for Amano Shrimp
Tank 6 - Empty,
Tank 7 - Blue Shrimp
Tank 8 - New Bee Shrimp
Renee's tanks:
Tank 9 - Ghost Shrimp, Amano Shrimp, Vampire Shrimp, and Bamboo Shrimp
Tank 10 - Empty, possible CRS tank?
Tank 11 - Empty, possible Cherry Shrimp tank?
Tank 12 - Empty, ?

I would like to thank Renee for all of her help in getting this setup. I don't think it would have been ready in time for the meeting had she not lent me a hand on several occasions!

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