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Originally Posted by Six View Post
Matt, how much did you pay for the AC minis?
Dave at Aquatics & Exotics in West Chester (Cinci) has them for $7.99. That's a hard price to beat I appreciate the info though and I am sure some of the other Columbus folks do too. The next time I am up your way I will have to check out Anderson's.

You are gonna let me know if AA gets anything good in tomorrow right

Originally Posted by Six View Post
Nice looking rack, Matt. I'm suprised you put the tanks long-ways. I like it and I'd personally prefer it, but I think when mine goes up, they're going to be viewable from the small end of a 10. We'll see though. I'll be watching your progress on how it's going.
I was originally going to put them narrow side out on some steel racks from Lowes but I enjoy looking at the tanks too much to only see the small side I could have probably fit three times as many tanks on this rack if I would have built it with the narrow sides out.

If all goes well I may just have to build another rack to house more tanks but that may put me into Divorce Court. On the bright side of that, I will have some locally bred shrimp for everyone in the near future

Originally Posted by Burks View Post
Simply awesome Matt! I'm curious about your Blue Shrimp. Are they breeding true blue? Maybe someday I can support your growing habit by purchasing some of those lovely shrimp you are breeding. *hint hint*
Thanks Burks and I'm always willing to accept some "support" for my hobby! However, I don't think the blues will breed true but they are still too small to tell. They are only about a week old now and still whitish in color.

Originally Posted by PAINKILLER1009 View Post
Wish i could have made it. That would have been a nice first meeting but i ended up working Looks great keep up the good work.

Suggestion for tank #6 or #12 Caridina cf. babaulti (green shrimp). I would like to get my hands on some of them.
It would have been nice to have met you but there will be other meetings

The Caridina cf. babaulti are one of the shrimp on my wish list and I actually have them planned for tank #6 in the future. Tanks 9-12 will probably have some nicer grade CRS in them in the future also but for now Renee has those four tank spots for as long as she needs them. It's hard to find good help now days
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