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Originally Posted by davis.1841 View Post
Matt, it was great to see your this rack in person I really liked the simplicity of it and how clean it looks. I've been working on an idea for something very similar but on a much smaller scale, like 2-4 tanks instead of 12. I'm just currious how far apart are your shelves, or really how much space did you allow over top the 10g aquariums for lighting and maintenance? Do you ever wish there was more space?

I can't wait to see the rack and your other tanks for that matter in a couple months they all look great.
Thanks for the nice comments Ryan and it was good to meet you Saturday.

The shelves on the rack are 24" apart. This gives me about 12" above each tank for maintenance. I originally thought about leving only 6" of space and having 16 tanks but that would not have been enough space to get my arms into the tanks comfortably. 12" is plenty of space above the tank at least for me and allows some wiggle room to raise or lower the lighting for the plants. I like the plants as much as the shrimp
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