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Originally Posted by davis.1841 View Post
I dont see it in the pic but it seems that I remember some of your lights were close to the tanks while others are as far away as possible, do you notice much difference in these postions, I'm sure you do. I bet you get better coverage of light when they are higher but lose some intensity which could be good in some cases, its nice to have some control.
The very top tanks have the lights closer to the water surface for now. Given their height, the light spillage goes straight into my eyes when near the rack. Having the lights on chains does give you some flexibility which is good since I don't use any CO2 on these tanks.

Originally Posted by davis.1841 View Post
Another question about your light fixtures, how much light are you getting from them? Would you rate these tanks as low/med/high light with your current fixtures? I like the low price and availability of the bulbs bulk packs at HD are a great thing and lighting two tanks for roughly $30 would be amazing
The fixtures are $8 two bulb, electronic ballast Shoplights from Home Depot. Each light has two 6500K Phillips lamps (T-8 lamps) in it so I'm getting 64W of light spread over two 10g tanks. I haven't had this setup long enough to gauge the intensity of the lamps over the tanks. I'm afraic it may be too much but I can always remove a bulb from each light and see how it does. The chans definately give me some flexibility in the setup.
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