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Originally Posted by accidentaldog View Post
Matt the shrimp rack looks great. I have a lot of cherries that I would be more than happy to give to you to start out or at least give you some fresh blood lines. Once you get the breeding going on your cherries, maybe I could swap with you also because I could use some fresh genes in my tank also.

I doubt you remember me because I haven't been able to attend a meeting since the summer BBQ. I am the UC student from Indiana. My wife lives 3 hours away and I have been going back to see her most weekends.

As for getting shrimp to you, if you want them, I drive up I-75 every-other weekend and I can easily drop them off. I think I might be able to finally attend another meeting this month assuming the date is decided relatively quickly so that I can plan accordingly. Just let me know.
A Cherry Shrimp Swap one of these days would be good. I can always use some new bloodlines and I imagine a few other club members might be interested too.

I have some Cherries right now that I need to move into the rack but I'm slowly trying to get the two tanks water parameters similar. All ing ood time I guess and I think I do remember brought the Guiness

I'm still waiting to hear from Sean so we know if this month's meeting will be in Cinci or Columbus...
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