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Default Power Outages - How do you handle them?

(I might post this in the "Equipment" forum on APC also)

When you have a power outage, how do you all deal with this?

Since it is really cold out there right now in our area, when the electricity goes out, it can stay out for days in some areas. I'm fortunate to be in an area where it gets fixed within hours because of the population density. But outlying areas have been out for several days not all that long ago.

I know of one family that lost their fish at that time.

You have heaters at the very least to deal with. Lighting can wait a while in many cases. Pumps/filters need to continue when they are required. And I don't know the effect it would have on CO2 injection, but that wouldn't affect me. Still, I am curious about that aspect as well.

I have a power generator but never had to deal with the situation, and I wouldn't want to run it continually for days on end, but maybe it would be a must. It is not a big one, good for 3000 watts continuous, and I would need that to be able to run the refrigerator once every few hours, and possibly jury-rig something to run the gas furnace every other hour or so. It's not made to run a whole house. I could get enough extension cords running to the heaters and tank equipment but it would be a mess of wires through the house.

Some fish can deal with lower temperatures but others can't.

I have an auxilary heat source but it wouldn't heat all rooms evenly, so keeping the house "hot" won't work well in really cold weather since the tanks are in several rooms.

I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile to have a couple large plastic "emergency tanks," possibly with dividers to keep some fish away from others. You could have at least 2 of these for two temperature levels.

Then it might be practical to run the heaters off a DC to AC inverter hooked up to storage batteries, at least for a day or so.

Of course I hope the power doesn't go out at all, but I'd like to know what some of you would do (or have done) when this happens.
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