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I find that Java fern grows like a weed in highlight situations. It pearls like crazy, sends off a lot of adventagious plantlets and one nice thing I have hound is that the plant stays much lower but grows fuller. Under 3 wpg it only gets to be about 5" tall but puts out a new leaf every couple of days but under 1.5 to 2 wpg it will grow 8-10" tall and only grow one leaf at a time. I am unsure of the mosses having never had any. I would agree about the anubias. The leaves tend to get ratty but if you can shade them with taller plants or something they tend to be ok. If your tank is balanced algae should not be an issue. ALso trimming an old anubias leaf occasoinally tends to make them produce more a new one. Just remember that they are very slow growers so don't trim to many at once. I have also found hat the nana variety seems to grow faster.
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