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Default Shrimp -- different types

I don't have a lot of shrimp, just several dozen of cherry reds that seem to be multiplying very well. At least it doesn't seem like I have a lot of them since they are spread out in larger tanks. I also have a few ghost shrimp. They all seem to be great bottom cleaners and co-exist well with certain types of fish. Some other fish I don't think they would do well with, goldfish, for example, would probably love them--for a meal!

I would be interested in a short forum discussion on the topic of shrimp. There are at least a couple of other members who have lots of shrimp, understand them well, know which ones are easy to care for and which are a real challenge. Some, I understand can be switched from salt water to fresh water but won't breed in fresh water (could be wrong on that).

So, those of you who have a real interest in shrimp, what do you like about them, what can you say about the different kinds of shrimp, how hard are those different kinds to care for, etc.???

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