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Mainly I just thought it would be an interesting discussion topic, but it would be interesting to have it as a meeting topic also. If these are not very fragile, maybe a show and tell could be set up with different kinds of them at the meeting?

I know that the cherry shrimp would travel well. We got some that were supposed to be in water that the bag broke during shipping. Most if not all made it safely to our home but there was moss in the same bag, which kept them pretty damp.

What I would be looking for in a meeting or discussion are things like:

What kinds are available?

What do the different ones look like?

What are general guidelines for the care and feeding of them?

Are there more specific guidelines for certain varieties/species?

What precautions do you need to take when putting them in to an aquarium (kinds of fish to NOT put them with, ones that work well with them, etc.)?

What do the shrimp fanciers like about shrimp keeping?


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